If there's one thing I love more than photographing humans in love, it's photographing humans in love... at golden hour.

When you're booking in a couples session with me (or any kind of portrait session for that matter!) I will often try and schedule in your photoshoot at this time of day. THIS is why! The colours, tones and soft light that shooting just before sunset brings is the stuff dreams are made of. It adds that extra touch of magic to your images and gives an unspoken romance and beauty to your whole experience.

For David and Christine's couple shoot, we adventured out just an hour before the sun set to capture their love against the backdrop of the beautiful Otago Peninsula. These two are the most kind, genuine and faith-filled people and I am so honoured that I was able to capture these moments for them. This was the first time they had had professional photos taken of themselves in 7 years (SEVEN!) so it's fair to say the pressure was on to create something beautiful and timeless.. and I think we achieved just that. 

David and Christine, everybody...